1. Place and Price As the first point you should understand your budget for the flat and the place you want to live in. Depending on the area the market share and prices can vary quite a lot whether you want to live close to Kremlin or close to the work in Moscow Region.

Best location for the green eco living cannot be found in the center of Moscow. But most of the shops, restaurants, entertainment and other places of interest are there. Overage price in the center for the 1 bedroom apartment will be around 70-90 000 rub, if you move further from the center it may come 55-80000 depending on the quality of design and repair.

2. Period of renting. One year rent is the most popular type of rent in Moscow. Rent is paid monthly and Landlord expects you to live calm and safe. Prices are also cheaper, since they don’t have to clean and change too often. Note: If you move out earlier the safety deposit ill stay for the Landlord.

If you are tending to live just few weeks it is still cheaper to look for the b&b or hostel rather than renting 1 year flat for 1 month. For seasonal rent Spencer Estate can help you find something interesting.

3. Phony flats Popular websites opened for the tenants are filled with good looking flats for the way too cheap prices, they may say it’s a bargain, but it’s a fake. You’ll just waste your time, money and trust in people.

Moscow is the place you won’t find a flat without a real estate agent, so ether chose someone to help you looking and pay them 50% of 1 month payment, but you’ll get a polite and trustful person, you would be able to get a piece of advice from an expert, or get prepared to be cheated. Its not about Russian mafia its about paying for cervices – nothing is free.

 4.  Payments When you are calculating the total cost of living, don’t forget this payments: to rent a flat prepare as minimum2 months payment: for the month and for the safety deposit. + Find out in advance the cost of realtor’s services.

NB Don’t forget to pay attention for the expenses made on utility bills: house maintenance and security commonly are paid by Landlords, but the electricity, Internet, water, satellite and digital TV + phone lines are paid by the Tenants.

 5. Possessions you can bargain if you have your own furniture. Don’t expect Landlords to buy you hovers, bedlinen, pots and pans. All they have to provide from the appliances are kitchen and cooking appliances and washing machine. 

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